Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to suggest an article for Philosophia Naturalis

You may suggest either an article you have written, or an article that you consider especially worthwhile written by someone else. Articles should be publicly accessible -- i. e., not available only by paid subscription.

The content of the article should be reasonably related to science in general or to the physical sciences -- such as physics, mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, computer science, chemistry, or Earth science -- or to advanced technology -- such as nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, alternative energy, or quantum computing.

The level of expertise assumed by the article you recommend may range from beginner to advanced. But in the latter case, the article should have at least something of value for non-experts.

Please do not "spam" the carnival by suggesting articles whose main purpose is to promote a commercial product or service.

In your suggestion, don't forget to include the URL, and add a brief comment about the article.

Suggestions may be sent by email to the address: Please put "Philosophia Naturalis" somewhere in the subject line. You may also send the information using the form at Blog Carnival. Editors of particular editions may also provide an alternate email address for submissions, which will be noted in the announcement of the forthcoming edition.

For more information about Philosophia Naturalis, including the publishing schedule, see our profile at Blog Carnival.


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